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'Turkana', 2024 (Work in Progress)

Turkana County, Northern Kenya

Sound & Video

In February 2024 I headed to Kenya for the first phase of an ongoing project documenting the wide range of livelihood practices among the Turkana in collaboration with social anthropologist and photographer Sam Derbyshire. Our work is focused on challenging dominant narratives of pastoralism by highlighting it's unique capacity for being productive by means of uncertainty. 


Sam's current field work is being funded through the British Museum's endangered material knowledge programme. Learn more about the programme here:


Producer - Sam Derbyshire

Sound - Jack Miguel

Camera - Sam Derbyshire, Ekidor Nami & Lucas Lowasa

Special thanks to our hosts Akwee, Eturi, Namoni and their wider family.

'Man to Boy', 2023

Radio Documentary / 8 minutes

BBC Radio 4 Shortcuts

A Falling Tree Production

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 ’s Short Cuts

October 2023.

Link to episode here:

‘Man to Boy’ is a short audio documentary that explores one man’s relationship with a boy that he knows very well - his younger self.

Through a process of ‘self-parenting’ that is inspired by men’s work, Jacob Kelly considers what stories he carries about himself from childhood and how these play out in both adulthood and fatherhood.



Featuring - Jacob Kelly

Audio Producer - Christina Hardinge
Audio Producer - Jack Miguel
Music Composer - Sam Mumford

'Circling Birds', 2023

Audio Documentary / 10 minutes

London Symphony Orchestra & Good Neighbours Scheme

Jean Stokes Community Centre

Produced by the LSO


In January 2023, Bemerton Good Neighbours Scheme launched a new community music project in partnership with London Symphony Orchestra (LSO). Over 6 weeks at Jean Stokes Community Centre, musicians from the LSO and elderly Islington residents collaborated to make music together.

Artist and audio maker Jack Miguel came in to record the music being made in the group and to speak to some of the staff and the residents on the programme about their experience. This audio doc/collage is the result of those conversations and recordings.

Listen here:


Producer - Jack Miguel

Producer - Natasha Krichefski

Facilitators - Natasha Zielazinski & Detta Danford

'Peach Ribbons', 2022
Poem to accompany album 'Scribbling'
By Harry Christelis & Pedro Velasco 
CD & Vinyl

Listen to the album here:

Pouch Cove Foundation Residency, 2022 
St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
February, 2022
Sophie Clements
Will White
Romain Arnette
Jack Miguel

Over the month of February 2022, Sophie Clements, Will White, Romain Arnette and Jack Miguel were invited to take part in the Pouch Cove Foundation’s artist residency programme in New Foundland, Canada. Inspired by the weather, landscape and history of the area, the group produced a series of works in video, sound, text
and other materials.

Special Thanks:

Everyone at the Pouch Cove Foundation

Sophie Clements 


The Turning of the Leaves (Exhibition Chapbook)

A collection of writing originally featured in the audiovisual installation of the same name.The installation was exhibited at the Union Chapel, London as part of their year long series of events marking the centenary of WW1

Designer - Wiliam Lyall
Writer - Jack Miguel
Publisher - 12b