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Facilitation / Teaching


I have a decades worth of experience teaching and facilitating workshops and projects in the arts. Over that time I’ve worked with all kinds of participants in all kinds of settings including prisons, universities, community centres, schools, psychiatric units, festivals and forests. There have been many instances where projects culminate in performances or showcases for which I’ve acted as a director/producer and/or curator. I’ve lead large scale arts education projects for organisations like the Barbican Centre as well as self organising and leading arts residencies alongside fellow members of Dwam collective. As a graduate of the Guildhall school’s influential Leadership programme I believe in the therapeutic power of creative expression and champion cross arts collaboration; working with diverse groups, finding synergies and encouraging conversation between people and art forms. 




For the last 5 years I have offered one to one mentoring to artists. Artists, like everybody else, can experience feelings of isolation and anxiousness in relation to their work and its place in the world. I don’t pretend to have the answers but I’ve found people get a lot from having the space and time to talk about their practice and other issues related to their art and art making. Mentors have greatly benefited me and my work in the past and I take great pleasure and care in trying to offer the same to others. Like them, I aspire to offer a space that is reflective, encouraging, creative and open. 


Creative consultancy


I also offer creative consultancy to organisations and individuals working on particular projects. This can take many different forms but people tend to contact me for help with such things as:  articulating the core questions driving a project or work, further refining an idea, shedding light on and discussing potential blindspots, finding alternative directions a work could move in or discussing the impact on participants or audiences.


If you would like to discuss any of the above with me in more detail you can find my email under the ‘info’ section of this website. 


Clients include:


Barbican Creative Learning, Wigmore Hall, Union Chapel, South West Music, Drumworks, NHS England, London Symphony Orchestra, Beyond Equality​


“Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning has been working with Jack since 2017 and his approach to his own art, collaboration and teaching is always thoughtfully presented and professional. He puts the participants at the centre of his work as a facilitator, but also knows that other stakeholders are to be listened to as well. I really enjoy working with him, as he brings fresh, original and relevant ideas to the work he creates with us.” 

- Anna Wilson, Creative Learning Producer, Barbican, 2019


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