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'The Turning of The Leaves'

A/V Installation

Union Chapel, London, 2017 & 2018

Lead Artist, Writer & Director


The Turning of the Leaves is a meditation on the subject of masculinity with reference to the First World War and the phenomenon of intergenerational trauma. It's named after a ceremony that takes place in Manchester Cathedral, in which a page is turned in the Book of Remembrance on alternate Wednesdays.


Drawing on research, interviews and participation in mens groups, the installation is concerned with the challenges facing men today amidst inherited narratives of power, violence and invulnerability.

Funded by the National Heritage and Lottery fund

Watch full version & installation document here:


Writer & Creator - Jack Miguel

Video Directer - Taz Tron Delix

Sound Designer - Josh Grey-Jung

Producer - Boe Huntress

Exhib Photos: Theo Christelis

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